Pokémon GO to Monster Hunter Evolution

Pokémon GO to Monster Hunter Evolution

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In the dynamic and ever-changing landscape of mobile gaming, companies are constantly on the lookout for their next big hit to keep players engaged and revenues flowing. A few years ago, Niantic took the world by storm with its pioneering augmented reality (AR) game, Pokémon GO. However, as with most mobile games, the initial excitement started to wane. With the news that Niantic has partnered with Capcom to bring the Monster Hunter franchise into the AR realm, the question on everyone’s mind is: Can Monster Hunter breathe new life into Niantic’s portfolio and pull it out of its perceived slump?

A Brief History of Niantic’s Rise and Stagnation

Ingress was Niantic’s first venture into AR gaming, a geolocation-based game involving players battling for control of real-world locations based on geolocation. In 2016, Pokémon GO was released in collaboration with The Pokémon Company, causing a global phenomenon. Millions of people caught virtual Pokémon throughout the world in 2016.

But like many mobile hits, the fervor began to fade. Despite regular updates, events, and new Pokémon introductions, player numbers dwindled from their peaks. Subsequent releases like Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, though promising on the surface, couldn’t replicate the initial success of Pokémon GO. Niantic found itself in a challenging position, needing to innovate and find fresh concepts to rekindle the magic.

Enter Monster Hunter

Among the most important games in the gaming industry, Monster Hunter has been a major player in Japan. Its engaging gameplay, vast open world, and unique monster designs have captivated players for decades. This game offers a simple; addictive premise: players track down and battle gigantic creatures, and craft better gear with the materials they collect.

The collaboration between Capcom and Niantic seems like a match made in heaven. Marrying Monster Hunter’s engaging mechanics with Niantic’s AR expertise can potentially create an immersive experience that’s new, yet familiar to fans of both franchises.

Why Monster Hunter Might Just Be the Answer

Global Appeal: Unlike some of Niantic’s previous collaborations, Monster Hunter boasts a significant global following. This wider appeal could draw in a substantial player base from the get-go.

Fresh Gameplay Mechanics: Hunting monsters in the real world, using the environment to your advantage, and teaming up with friends can provide an innovative twist to the AR experience. It’s not just about collecting; it’s about strategy and skill.

A multitude of possibilities for in-app purchases are offered by Monster Hunter’s crafting and upgrading features, including special crafting materials, unique skins, and many other items.

Challenges Ahead

The complexity of Monster Hunter’s gameplay may dissuade casual players. Simplifying it too much may alienate hardcore fans. Balancing both demographics will be critical.

As augmented reality games are inherently social, Niantic needs to make sure that their multiplayer system works well. Monster Hunter is a co-operative game, so players can anticipate seamless real-life team play.

A game’s survival depends on regular content updates, events, and new monsters. Maintaining these elements will help to keep players engaged and ensure steady revenue streams.


In terms of Monster Hunter, Niantic’s collaboration with Capcom and integration of Cloud-Enabled Public Services holds significant promise. On paper, it has all the ingredients to become the next big thing in mobile gaming. But execution is key. It is important for the company to remain true to both franchises’ roots while innovating enough to capture the imagination of a global audience while maintaining their heritage.

If history is any indication, when two titans of the gaming world come together, the results can be nothing less than spectacular. Only time will tell whether Monster Hunter will get Niantic out of its slump. The next big AR adventure awaits gamers worldwide with bated breath.

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