A Closer Look at Design of Destiny 2's Boss Foes

A Closer Look at Design of Destiny 2’s Boss Foes

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Destiny 2’s formidable adversaries have no doubt left a chilling aura on anyone who has plunged into its world. Bungie’s first-person shooter, which is immensely popular online, isn’t just about the thrill of chasing or the satisfaction of getting a headshot, it’s also a narrative game in which artistry takes Centre stage.


A Destiny 2 art team doesn’t start with what they want an enemy to look like; they start with what they want a player to feel when they design it. Inextricably connected to the narrative elements and gameplay mechanics is the villain’s visual design. For instance, if the villain is to inspire dread or appear insurmountable, its design must reflect those attributes as well.

From Scribbles to Nightmares

A sketchbook begins the process, giving the artists a chance to play around with ideas from a variety of sources, from mythology to real-life animals to abstract concepts. Iterations are made, ideas are scrapped, and slowly; surely, a consensus develops.

For Destiny 2’s most notorious enemy (without giving away spoilers), the design team pulled from ancient lore and contemporary fears. This villain’s form is an amalgamation of shadows, sharp angles, and an ever-present sense of foreboding. Its shape might remind some of Lovecraftian horrors, while its actions and abilities in the game draw from more modern fears.

The Palette of Evil

In terms of perception, color plays an important part. The artists chose a palette of purples, blacks, and sickly greens because they evoke feelings of mystery, unease, and corruption in the player.

As part of its dual purpose, the art team chose a largely dark palette for the antagonist. In addition to confirming the enemy’s alignment with the forces of darkness, it also stands out and makes the enemy even more alien and threatening against the often vibrant, alien worlds in Destiny 2.

Animation and Movement

“Static images can only do so much. In a game like Disney Dreamlight Valley: Everlasting Charms, the way a character moves—its animation—profoundly impacts how players perceive it. The art team worked closely with animators to ensure the villain’s movements felt as menacing as its appearance.

In every encounter, you feel tense because of its deliberate slowness and heavy steps. In order to deliver a sense of overwhelming power and danger, every movement in this game was designed to elicit a rush of adrenaline from players.

The Unseen Artist

Although visuals make for an incredible gaming experience, sound design is the unsung hero. Destiny 2’s sound team made the villain come to life in a way that you cannot miss. Audio components amplify the fear and anticipation the visual design creates, whether they are distant roars signaling its approach or dissonant, jarring musical cues accompanying its appearances.

Integration into the World

After the design, animation, and sound are in place, the villain is integrated into the game world. Here, the level designers and narrative team come into play, ensuring that the environments and the storyline bolster the enemy’s menacing presence. From dark, claustrophobic lairs to epic confrontations in vast, open arenas, the game’s design accentuates the villain’s overwhelming might and the challenge it presents to players.

The Emotional Impact

By combining the conceptualization, design, animation, color palette, sound, and integration, the player is not only confronted with a visually impressive foe, but also has an emotional experience with it. Rather than simply providing players with a challenging adversary, Destiny 2’s artists wanted them to encounter an enemy long after they had turned it off.


Destiny 2 seamlessly blends art and gameplay. The game’s big, bad enemy is a testament to the dedication and passion of its artists, who meticulously crafted each detail to evoke specific emotions and reactions in players. A truly memorable antagonist demonstrates the profound impact artistry can have on video games, enhancing our experiences in digital spaces.

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